Your Questions Answered

About your appointment:

The Garden Route Eye Clinic specialises in the diagnoses of eye problems, offers advanced eye treatment and performs eye surgery.

We do perform a standard vision test as part of some of the diagnoses, however, your optometrist is more specialised in vision testing and the prescription of glasses. You would be referred to us, should your optometrist detect anything sinister during his consultation.

You can contact the Garden Route Eye Clinic without a formal referral from your optometrist or doctor.

If we cannot assist you, we can guide you in the right direction from there.

You can make an appointment yourself by contacting our George or Knysna practice via phone, e-mail or fax. You can also complete our online Make An Appointment form and we will contact you to book a suitable date and time.

You can contact us directly and do not need to make an appointment via your optometrist or doctor.

Garden Route Eye Clinic is open Mondays to Thursdays, from 08:00 until 17:00, and Fridays from 8h00 until 13h30.

The practice phones are diverted for after-hour emergencies.

Please bring your ID or Passport, Medical Aid Card as well as your current spectacles or contact lens strength.
You will only receive surgery on the same day if you present with an emergency. All other routine procedures will be booked on the next available theatre list.
Depending on the reason for the examination, you will spend at least 1 ½ to 2 hours at the eye clinic. During this time, you will receive several routine tests from our skilled Ophthalmic Assistants before you see the Ophthalmologist. These tests assist the Ophthalmologist in an accurate diagnosis.

Our ophthalmologists, Doctors Charl Roux, Richard Faul, Johannes Meyer and Jan Beyers Botha consult at the George practice, while Doctor Johannes Meyer consults at both the George and Knysna practices.

The Garden Route Eye Clinic offers top quality service and our highly skilled ophthalmologists perform advanced eye surgery. We are therefore popular amongst clients from outside the Garden Route area as well.

Our George Practice are located close to George airport. We can offer you a list of accommodation establishments to choose from if you wish to stay a little longer and enjoy the area while recovering.

Medical Aid and Payment Options:

We will claim the cost of the consultation, procedures and / or surgery from your medical aid.

If you wish to settle the account yourself, you can pay either with cash or via credit card.

You may also consider a finance option via First Health Finance for costs not covered by your medical aid.

Yes, we strive to make our consultations and surgeries as hassle-free as possible. We submit the medical aid claims on behalf of our patients.
We charge average medical aid rates, therefore most medical aids will cover the cost involved.


We charge average medical aid rates, therefore most medical aids will cover the cost involved.
Yes, we will fully guide you through the process of surgery, to ensure that you are well-informed and prepared.

We will also provide you with the necessary information about what to expect and do after your surgery.


Our ophthalmologists are available for after-hour emergencies.

Contact the rooms for the after-hours emergency number:

George Practice:
Dr Charl Roux: +27 (0)44 874 1258
Dr Richard Faul: +27 (0)44 873 0126
Dr Jan Beyers Botha:+27 (0)44 873 4174
Dr Johannes Meyer: +27 (0)44 874 0178

Knysna Practice:
Dr Johannes Meyer: +27 (0)44 382 2687


At Garden Route Eye Clinic,
we believe in integrity and compassionate care.