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LASER refractive surgery (TESA ,LASIK, etc)

LASER Refractive Eye Surgery

Eye surgeons use the laws of physics in eye laser surgery. They correct the refractive power of the eye in such a way that light reaches the retina in proper focus without visual aids. Lasik has been the most common treatment up until now.  Now there is a non-invasive, soft, gentle surface eye laser surgery method.  In SmartSurfACE , vision correction is done touch-free – bladeless, flapless, and without suction of the eye.

In our centre we commit to provide you with the latest in researched and proven diagnostic and treatment technologies. After thorough evaluation and consultation with your ophthalmologist, the most appropriate treatment method will be selected.



TESA with Schwind SmartSurf Technology

TESA is an acronym for Transepithelial Surface Ablation ( Touchfree TransPRK). We use this method in conjuction with SmartSurf technology.

SmartSurfSmartSurfACE is an innovative eye laser surgery method that works without touching the eye. It combines the benefits of touch-free TransPRK surface treatment with innovative SmartPulse technology. This touch-free laser vision correction is non-invasive, safe, gentle and stressless. It’s an easy way to enter the world of better vision.

SmartSurfACE is suitable for all eye laser surgery candidates. It is especially ideal for active and athletic people who do contact sports, water sports or air sports. It is also suitable for professions where sharp vision is needed, such as pilots and policemen. SmartSurfACE can be used for hyperopia and myopia treatment as well as astigmatism treatment.

The surface of the cornea is shaped using the latest laser technology. Softly and without touching, the SCHWIND AMARIS laser corrects vision precisely, through the top layer of the cornea (epithelium). A contact lens remains on the eye for three or four days until the epithelium has regenerated. The treatment is painless, and modelling the cornea itself takes less than a minute.

SmartSurfACE provides more biomechanical preservation and cornea stability, because unlike with conventional refractive surgery methods the treatment takes place directly on the cornea surface. It also has very little effect on tear film production. This makes SmartSurfACE ideal for patients with dry eyes or contact lens intolerance.


The word LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. Read more :


Garden Route Eye Clinic has its own dedicated Excimer Laser theatre for performing these procedures at the George Surgical Centre. We use the Schwind Amaris 1050RS


Read more about the technology we use throughout the process of LASER Refractive Eye Surgery:






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More than half a century's worth of combined practice, professionalism, and utmost dedication to their fields of expertise assure patients that they're in the hands of experienced ophthalmologists.



The George Surgical Centre, established in 2012, is a world-class day hospital dedicated to modern Eye Surgery. Other procedures such as Cosmetic Surgery, is also performed here. Easy access via George Airport enables service delivery to patients from other areas outside the Southern Cape.



The Garden Route area is one of the top holiday destinations in South Africa. As a further service to our patients, we offer referrals to accommodation in the area, in order to combine surgery with a pleasant stay in the Garden Route.



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